Chennai Mission

Chennai Mission is a registered charitable Trust founded by Mr M Mahadevan, Chairman and Managing Director of Oriental Cuisines Private Ltd. Mr. Mahadevan’s ability to execute an eclectic mix of business and charitable initiatives has allowed him to support numerous NGOs and Social Causes with an objective to empower underprivileged through education and job skilling. A few of the many successful initiatives are listed below:

Winners Bakery & Confectionery: This mainstream bakery located in Alwarpet was set up in 2005 in association with the Chennai Corporation and Rotary Club of Madras (East). It aims at career proliferation for hundreds of youngsters from underprivileged backgrounds who cannot afford formal education. Today, Winners Bakery is a household name in many parts of Chennai, serving a range of cakes, pastries and savoury bakery items.

Give-Life Cafe: Mr. Mahadevan’s ability to couple culinary experience and social entrepreneurship is evidenced by another enterprising effort by Loyola College in association with Chennai Mission. The Give-Life Café serves to offer an opportunity to underprivileged youth to work the Barista way.

Freedom offers the opportunity to deserving inmates of the Puzhal Prison to earn and equip them in the professional skill of baking; enabling them to be successfully employed upon completion of their sentence.

Writers Cafe is the latest venture launched in a tie-up with International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim care (PCVC) to offer burn victims a chance to be re-introduced into society. The café trains women burn survivors in the art of cooking, baking and the art of ice cream making. Upon successful completion of their training program, the women are inducted and then employed by the Café. Profits are shared with PCVC, with the remaining funds used to support further Writers Café’s in the project pipeline.

Eddies Pop Corn is a project that is designed to provide employment opportunities to students of SPASTN. Eddies allows students to play a key role in the popcorn manufacturing process, which is primarily comprised of tasks that are safe and repetitive, enabling ease of execution.

Profit with a Purpose has allowed Chennai Mission to truly embrace the Triple Bottom Line Approach, addressing not only the economic, but social and environmental issues of today’s world. The trust in association with a few like-minded organizations such as Banyan, The Spastic Society, Little Drops and Anbagam feeds close to 10,000 people every year.