You can support the Battle of the Buffet 2019 in many ways.

1.Through your employees

The Battle of the Buffet 2019 helps growing NGOs gain exposure to crowdfunding and harness the power of individual donations through Give India Fundraisers, our online crowdfunding partner. For every Rs. 1 raised on the platform, UWC will add 25 paise to it and give it back to the NGOs. You can support our partner NGOs by encouraging your employees to donate to causes that closely align with your CSR focus areas.

2.Through your direct contribution

Alternatively, you can choose to fund specific projects through the Battle of the Buffet 2019. UWC will monitor the implementation of the project and report back to you on a quarterly basis.

3.Through our Musical Gala Dinner

You can purchase a VIP table that will entitle you to 10 premium donor passes to our Musical & Entertainment Gala Dinner. The money raised from the tables will be invested in the most socially-beneficial projects.

Come be a part of the Battle – support and cheer for your NGOs, while you enjoy music and food for your soul!

Write to to know more about how you can contribute.