Show case your work, Win support for your cause… A great opportunity to interact with the city’s like-minded individuals to get them excited about your work...

The city’s largest fund raising event, features an array of opportunities for NGOs to show case their work, and raise funds to support their cause. Here is how you as an NGO can do that...

  • Passes to the Event: Raise funds through selling the donar passes to the event. Reach out to your donors, supporters to purchase a dinner coupon supporting you.
  • Common Pool:Common pool money will be used to support small NGOs in the rural areas that donot have the visibility or opportunity to reach out to the big donors. So don’t loose heart there is something for everyone at the Battle of the Buffet!
  • Project Bank:A display of on-going and future projects supporting a variety of causes ranging from education, to animal welfare to environment. A great way to engage corporates for support (donor and voluntary) and sustain the same.
  • Seva Mela: NGOs can setup a stall at Seva Mela that allows them to highlight their work, projects and also leverage the opportunity to have corporate volunteers help them better their stall and reach to potential donors. Bring your creativity to the fore!

Participating NGO's

Name of the Organisation Communication Address Phone number Website/ Email Contact person for BoB/ Mobile
Iniyaudaiyam charitable trust 4/1, Arunthathipuram main Road, Avadi, chennai - 54 9444423600
INSPIRE "INSPIRE" 4/57-2 Kadambaravazhkai Village Road, Aliyur (PO), Nagapattinam ? 611104 TAMILNADU -INDIA 9443343336
Nithish Nanda
International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) 2030, 13th Main Street, Anna Nagar West, Chennai - 600040 4443111143
Rashmi Singh
Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch 32/50, Red Cross Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600 008 4428554548
Karnan M