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About United Way:

United Way Worldwide is
the leadership and support organization for the network of nearly 1,800 community-based United Ways in 45 countries and territories. United Way works for the Health, Education & Financial stability of every community in the world.

About United Way Chennai:

United Way Chennai,
part of the global organization United Way Worldwide, has been operational in Chennai since 2010. In this 7 year journey, we have worked for the people of Chennai & Tamil Nadu as a whole in areas like health, primary & secondary education, income & livelihood
generation, support for people with disabilities, Sanitation etc. UWC plays a major role in bridging the gap between various stakeholders like communities, corporates, NGOs, Government bodies & volunteers. UWC also acts as a CSR consultant for various corporates
& directly implements the CSR projects of a few corporates. Apart from CSR projects, events act as one of the main fundraising sources for UWC. Volunteering initiatives have also picked up pace in the organization.